Registering your accommodation properties with NSFAS

The NSFAS student accommodation portal is ready for accommodation providers to register and load their accommodation to be considered for NSFAS beneficiaries.

Once signed in, accommodation providers will be able to list their properties by providing their property names, location and images. NSFAS will then contact them and send a panel of experts to accredit and grade the properties to ensure that they are suitable for student living.

All accommodation providers who would like to list their properties for NSFAS beneficiaries may click on the button below

NSFAS message on Student Accommodation


NSFAS funded students are requested to take up properties that have been made available for them which are ACCREDITED.


No NSFAS funded student will be paid accommodation allowances if residing in an UNACCREDITED ACCOMMODATION without NSFAS and institution permission.


Unaccredited Accommodation Providers who accommodate NSFAS funded students without following processes WILL NOT be paid by NSFAS.